What If We Had a Paper-Like Tablet?

Tablets have many benefits but they also have associated drawbacks and risks, particularly in larger utilities where crews experience harsh conditions, bright sunlight and often encounter connectivity issues. The small form factor and the high risk of damage are also key issues.  In these instances, pen and paper often remain the primary way of marking up design drawings and record plans.

But with the intersection of the 32nd square of the chess board with Moore’s law, we can begin to imagine an new solution.


What if we had a “paper tablet”?  A flexible paper like device that more closely resembled paper and which could display traditional drawings and record plans delivered electronically?

That is exactly what Plastic Logic revealed this year with its Papertab prototype.

Add a sensitive stylus, combine with cloud storage and add the appropriate workflows and we begin to see the seamless transition from paper based drawing markup to and an electronic workflow in a form factor that users are accustomed to.


About Lance Maidlow

A professional engineer and solution architect with direct experience in a wide range of industries including GIS, water, sewer, power, transportation and oil and gas. Currently focusing on the optimization of design software and field data collection for utilities, local governments and their supporting organizations.
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